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Workshop Reviews by Political Inclination 

(1) Those self-described as typically leaning LEFT politically  Spread branches of The People’s Convention to other states . . Jayana Clerk PhD

Great job! Very professionally done. The workshop was inclusive and respectful of all involved . . The workshop was an important civics 101 lesson and a reminder that each of us must be engaged in the political process. The Peoples Convention is an easy manner to become and stay engaged. It puts “We, the People” back in charge. Hilary Lyman, B.S. Environmental Education, Environmental Planner

A wealth of knowledge that allowed a flow of great actions and ideas from a diverse audience. Well done! Tom Parsons PhD 

(2) Those self-described as typically leaning MIDDLE politically

An informative and fun afternoon – very thought provoking. This was really fun and I didn’t expect that at all. Ida de Blanc, Business Owner & Citizen Volunteer

Blair is not some “wild-eyed” nut case who wants to hijack the federal government. He has worked “within the system” in his profession and like so many of us has been distressed at the level of dysfunction that currently exists. Instead of merely complaining about the mess, he is looking for a constructive path toward reform. . . Blair has revitalized our hope that there may be other constructive ways to change the system. . . we encourage you to visit website . . .and to spread the word to other frustrated Americans that all is not lost. Government of the people, by the people, and for the people may still be possible. Jim and Claudia Burtelo

This workshop was inspiring. enjoyable, thought-provoking experience – I’m glad I came! Keep up this good work! Paul Friedman PhD

Informed citizens make great decisions! Understanding Art. V of the U.S. Constitution and the Peoples/States Constitutional Convention is a must about “being informed”. Reg Urgena MD

  (3) Self-described as typically leaning RIGHT politically

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make a difference in getting our country back! Dale Casey, Republican Yes! That was fun! Peter de Blanc

An interesting and informative presentation. Craig Dible

Good! . . . very informative! You’re a PATRIOT! Andrea Kadar

Great workshop informative, educational, empowering. Let’s take back America! Dwight Kadar Committeemen, Precinct 109

This experience should be in place in every city in the United States. Dennis Knill

I was very impressed with the workshop I attended . . it impressed me, not only with the little-known fact that we, the people, have the opportunity to legally change the constitution which I had never known, but to watch how Blair Henry is able to bring his audience into agreement with changes to the law regardless of their political persuasion. It is a little-known safeguard built in to our political system, and I have since watched other presentations where the participants experienced the same miracle that I first saw . . . I would encourage anyone who would like to see some changes made to our political process to attend and listen to the choices available to us, as aptly taught by Blair Henry Shirley Proulx

(4) Those preferring not to provide their typical political inclination

Very educational and much needed. Bruce Bramlett

Working in small groups encourages participation. Kat Bramlett

Explanations, examples and definitions were very good. Charlie Christensen, President, Sedona Men’s Republican Club

Very interesting process – looking forward to actions to come. Sheryl Curtis

Fascinating! Ted Dwyer CFP

The workshop was well structured. The facilitator kept the attendees on task to accomplish the goals of each exercise. Mary Margaret Fitch

This was a valuable seminar. The ideas generated by both the leader and the participants led to a better understanding of the process for a People’s Convention. No matter the vehicle, the changes needed by our country are critical and any process that accomplishes this is good. Paul Fitch

Excellent presentation and control of venue. . .. Excellent control of time included in the presentation. Don Harr

Excellent workshop. It made what first sounded impossible something that could be done. Jim Hasslinger Non-threatening and easy to participate tonight. Relief to consider positive suggestions rather than focus on current politics. Pat Hasslinger

You have managed to corral the vocal and facilitate a focus on the common interests. Joy Hope Great source of info related to “Power of People” process. Very good practice and great motivator to change direction of our country. Robin Kelley, Sedona Tea Party

Excellent presentation! Dan Lempke

This was interesting to see so much diversity at start of the meeting to compatibility in this group. Amazing how professional Blair handled questions and issues and direction and glad I came. Sonny Marten

Great job! Thank you! Hon. Dan McIlroy JD

Really enjoyed the seminar. The best meeting to get informed on the Constitution and the amendment process. Bob O’Connell, Mingus Mountain Republican Club

Was informative at grass roots level. Enthusiasm created me to be a participant. Jay Patzig, Tea Party

Great! Very informative. Thanks for your help to bring back our country to the people. Susan Read

Creating amendments, good exercise – include amendments to REPEAL and why. Mike Schroeder, Tea Party supporter

It’s exciting to see a new grass roots movement for freedom and liberty. Alex Ware

Empowering. Fun. My sense of citizenship got a shot in the arm. Bill Watson

Fascinating. I feel more inspired and empowered. Patricia Watson, RN

I didn’t know how easy this (could be)! Dennis Wills

I very much enjoyed the seminar . . Bob Windsor, President, Cottonwood, Arizona Tea Party