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Many of us realize

  • Trust and confidence in the American political process is now at or near an all-time low
  • Democracies fail when they lose the trust and confidence of the people
  • Most Americans don’t know what to do about it 

But we do!!

We are We are a neutral, nonpartisan 501c3 tax exempt organization and we conduct neutral, nonpartisan workshops on strengthening the democratic process.

Many Americans have forgotten it was We The People that wrote our national rulebook (U.S. Constitution) and gave ourselves the right to bypass Congress and the President to upgrade our political process as we

  • Learned what worked, and what didn’t
  • Our circumstances changed, and
  • Our values evolved

And things have certainly changed over the last 230 years!

So, we created a neutral, nonpartisan workshop where

  • AMERICANS COME TOGETHER—fairly, honestly and respectfully—from across the political spectrum
  • THEY AGREE on what they say would strengthen our political process
  • THEY DRAFT proposals likely to be approved as legislation or constitutional amendment
  • THEY CREATE effective, bipartisan teams and plans to implement proposals in their state
  • WE POST their workshop online and coordinate their work with that in other states

The workshops are led by Blair Henry, Executive Director of, and a former Seattle corporate and prosecuting attorney, mediator, graduate school professor, and delegate to both Republican and Democratic state conventions.

So, what’s been produced so far?

Workshop participants balanced fairly across the political spectrum drafted, and over 75% approved, the first three constitutional amendments THEY SAID would make the BIGGEST difference in strengthening our democratic process. The topics were

  • Getting the money out of politics
  • Requiring honesty in politics and the media
  • Increasing the ethics in government

So, WHAT DO YOU THINK would make the BIGGEST difference?

We will be honored to conduct a workshop in your community. It’s a terrific opportunity to bring your community together for a constructive, mutually valuable, conversation. If you are interested in this, please let us know and we’ll schedule a call.

In the meantime, what you can do to support this work

Thank you!