Polling indicates more than 70% of Americans want:

  • Campaign finance reform
  • Term limits
  • Higher ethical standards in government
  • A balanced federal budget
  • Reduction of greenhouse gases

And yet, in today’s politics, each item can easily be defeated by a small minority spending a tremendous amount of money and being deceptive–because it’s still legal to do so.

While campaign finance proposals will address the spending, to facilitate a fair and effective amendment process, the convention organizer recommends an amendment making it unlawful to mislead or deceive any American on a matter of public policy.

To launch the citizen-drafting process, please VOTE on the following RECOMMENDED proposed amendment:

HP1 – Everyone shall always be provided with complete, honest, accurate and intelligible information on matters of public policy—and it shall be unlawful to mislead or deceive anyone on a matter of public policy. 

If you do NOT support the proposal, tell us what it would take to make the proposal acceptable to you.

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►If you haven’t told us what you think would make the biggest difference in restoring your trust and confidence in our American political process, please do so here.

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